The Register of the Fauna of Adjara
Georgia, as whole Caucasus, is among the 34 Hotspots of world biodiversity and as the reservation of numerous endemic, rare species is the richest region not only in Caucasus, but in Europe also. The same could be said for Adjara, one of the regions of Georgia. Despite this, biodiversity register in which all species of animals will be documented does not exist not for Georgia, nor for Adjara till now. These significant scientific and applicative documents have to lie on the basis of activities of organizations, which use natural resources, carry out construction works etc. The Register makes possible to detect white spots, which will be useful for future investigations. The urgency of this theme became evident during work process. The results showed that Black Sea Coast is investigated far better, then inner regions of Adjara. Furthermore, totally uninvestigated groups of animals were discovered. According to data of the Register of the Fauna of Adjara the biodiversity of this region is represented by 4627 species: 4068 of them belong to invertebrates (15 species are included in Red List of Georgia) and 599 - to vertebrates (66 species are included in Red List). Obtained data will be included in constantly updated electronic database. The work is intended for researchers, students and anyone interested in biodiversity.